About EXOsandBOX

Organization Vision: an organization providing quick-response, right-sized solutions to process- and product-related problems through application of innovative techniques, cross-disciplinary teams, and a dynamic infrastructure. 

Principle: Function as a venture philanthropy organization where taking and managing risks are rewarded. Take multiple shots on goal and fail fast. 

Operations Model: Operate as a Professional Innovation Cooperative – a multi-disciplinary association of goal-oriented individuals. Dynamically stand up teams to address challenges. Utilize pre-vetted core talents and resources. 

Fiscal Model: Profit-sharing based on deferred ROI. 


EXOsandBOX Memberships

Core Member: Founders, individuals providing organizational direction and continuity 

Collaborating Member: Individuals providing contributions in the vision, innovation, and solution sectors

Sponsoring Member: Individuals/organizations seeking services from the cooperative under contract on a fee basis; typically introduced and coordinated by a core or collaborating member

Backing Member: Individuals/organizations providing financial resources to the cooperative; introduced by any type of member; typically coordinated by a core member

Guest Member: Individuals interested in keeping a finger on the pulse of the cooperative

Contractor: Individuals/organizations providing limited duration/limited scope services on a fee basis to complement project teams when the specific competency and/or capability is not immediately available through a core or collaborating member.


This site is being constructed and will be updated periodically with new information. If you have any questions, please contact us


Create a “sandbox” for identification, exploration, and development of processes and products (entities) to enhance the life and well-being of those in need; to provide a comprehensive learning experience (teacher and student) for our members; to provide the fruits of our labor at greatly reduced cost or as gratis.